Convenient and Reliable Home Moving Services

“Good quality packing is the key to successful relocation” is a credence we have been embracing ever since our foundation.

Who Does the Home Moving?

Our team of packers are:

• Holders of packing licenses as they have attended comprehensive packing trainings in and outside the country.
• Capable of packing all your goods and belongings without instilling harm in them and causing scratch or damage.
• Able to work under pressure, or by any given time span by our client.
• Can work calmly at all situations, as this is the only way to minimise harm.

Our Brisbane Moving service is comprised of:

• Carefully folding clothing, wardrobe, or any item that can be folded.

• Breakables such as glassware, mirrors, and sculptures are placed in a proper container before reaching the main storage box.

• Antiques and valuable items are handled carefully, as we know that a scratch may mean a reduction of value, even price.

• All furniture that could be disassembled our subjected to such in a very proper and professional manner.

• Appliance is cleaned well and accordingly before being stored in an airtight container to avoid rusting.

• Pictures and printed memorabilia are wrapped in special papers to avoid moist and molasses that would change their visual qualities and properties.

We will be more than happy to tell you more about packing services. Call Brisbane Moving today for more details.

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