Safe and Secure Unpacking of your Possessions

Do you want to move into a new home, but hate the hassles of unpacking? Brisbane Moving can do it for you.

Unpacking all those boxes can be a big hassle, but your Brisbane removalists can help make moving easier for you or your family. Our packing crew can provide youunpacking assistance on top of the delivery of your possessions.

Our unpacking services includes:

  • Assistance in unpacking and unwrapping your items once delivered to your new home.
  • Un-crate and put away items in their respective rooms or areas as directed by you, or based on the labels on your boxes.
  • Ensuring that all your belongings have been delivered to your new home without damage.
  • Assessment of damages in case an unforseen event has occurred.
  • Providing extra cleaning services, clearing up the used cartons and packaging material once all your furniture and items have been unpacked.

Unpacking your stuff doesn’t have to be a problem – whether you don’t have the extra time to unload all or your boxes or you need extra hands in taking out your things.

Brisbane Moving provides you with unpacking services so that settling down in your new place is a breeze. Call us today to know more about this service.