• Organise your move early, don’t leave everything to the last minute otherwise your removalist may not be available for your chosen time or something important may be forgotten;
  • Try and move everything in one vehicle rather than a smaller vehicle and a number of trips;
  • Advise removalists of heavy furniture and any stairs, obstacles or challenges at either end of the move;
  • All of those things that you have been meaning to get rid of? Do it before you move rather than wasting time and energy moving things you no longer use;
  • Keep an inventory of your things and if you are the super organised type tape a list to the outside of every box;
  • Clean the new premises before you go there on moving day – one less thing to worry about on that day;
  • Take pics of your TV and other connections so that you remember how they go when you need to reconnect them;
  • If you are renting take pics of the old home before you leave and the new before you move in to add to your condition report.


  • Ensure you mark the contents of each box on the top, as this will enable the simplest delivery, and unpacking, at your new address;
  • Mark boxes with the room that they need to go into;
  • Mark if a box is heavy to lift or if it contains fragile items;
  • Use clothes to help protect breakables;
  • Tape cords to large appliances like your refrigerator so they don’t get caught during the move;
  • Tape drawers closed and empty them before the move;
  • Use tape on items that won’t mark or damage the surface;
  • If you pack plates vertically like records (with padding) there is less chance that they will break;
  • Use sealable sandwich bags for small things like screws and accessories for furniture and appliances and label them;
  • Make that everything is packed before the movers arrive;
  • Use colour coding on the boxes so that you know where they belong at a glance.

Before you move, you’ll need to research your new neighbourhood, especially if you’re moving interstate. Once you have moved, you will need to alert many different people and businesses to your change of address.