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Able to work under pressure, or by any given time span by our client. Can work calmly at all situations, as this is the only way to minimise harm.


Holders of packing licenses as they have attended comprehensive packing trainings in and outside the country.

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Brisbane Moving and Storage was established to provide a cost effective removal and relocation option for Government, business and residential customers.

Brisbane Moving and Storage introduces a new storage option in Brisbane for customers who require to store their furniture for either a short or long term period.

Furniture storage can be necessitated by delay in Office relocation and building purchase settlement, overseas assignments, holiday letting, home renovations or travelling.

Brisbane Moving and Storage Customers inventory can be picked up from their door and secured immediately into a Removal Container specifically designed for short term and long term storage. The same Removal Container is then delivered back to the client days, weeks, months or perhaps years later.

There is no double handling which lowers the cost plus reduces the risk dramatically of any possible damage.

Brisbane Moving and Storage is an accredited member of the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA) and we pride ourselves on innovation and exceeding industry standards.

Brisbane Moving and Storage is linked with Port Stephens Removals, which has been service provider to the Defence personnel for its Removals and Storage for the past 10 years.

We believe the key to this industry is working hard to ensure our clients will always be the first priority in any successful removal and that we will always develop effective client relationships based on that principle.

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