Removal Containers for your Move

Our Brisbane removal services includes providing removal containers that are designed for delivering superior transport and storage. All these are made of the highest quality materials, and are a product of in-depth research.

World-Class Removal Containers

Our design undertaking aims to obliterate all harmful elements in an airtight container.

These are fitted with timber flooring and numerous wall tie-off points to ensure your goods are safe from all types of dirt – be it airborne or physically induced. Each container is cleansed with a superior cleaning technology. Every one of them is also watched under strict supervision and superior air-conditioning.

Proper Handling with Proper Removal Containers

We want to eliminate double handling of your goods and provide utmost convenience when re-delivering your consignment.

Thus, container storage allows your goods to be loaded directly into the container at your residence. Or you may choose your place of business, or at any pickup point of your choice.

Among other things:

  • We also give you the liberty of choosing and buying your own padlock and key for your own peace of mind.
  • This we will be added to our own tamper-proof security seal for double-secure the welfare of your goods in our custody.
  • All transactions between us will be recorded, which we do for added security.

Brisbane Moving is happy to be a part of your next big move. Contact us today.